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Boat Interior and Exterior Detail


The steps of a boat interior and exterior detail that we take are:

  • Assessment: This step is when we look around the boat and determine which parts need more attention then others.

  • Vacuum: This step gets all the bigger loose dirt out of the carpet 

  • Drill Brush: This step loosens the embedded dirt in the carpet making it easier to clean

  • Vacuum: This step picks up all the dirt that the drill brush loosened up

  • Wipe Down: This step we will wipe down every surface making it look and smell brand new

  • Glass: This step we will clean all the glass

  • Shampoo: This step is the start of the exterior, and a foam soap is sprayed on the exterior of the boat

  • Rinse: This step will rinse all of the soap off of the boat 

  • Final Inspection: This step is when we go around the boat and make sure we didn't miss anything

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